VENUS-PRO Thermo Shake
Turn up the heat with VENUS-PRO® Thermo Protein Shake. VENUS-PRO®  Thermo Shake is ideal first thing in the morning, before and after training session. It is perfect for your favourite protein dessert as well. “VENUS-PRO Thermo Shake“ is your ticket to long-lasting and successful fat loss, without having to starve yourself or experiencing any yo-yo effects whatsoever. Its nutritional balanced and you can use as a healthy alternative to high-calorie desserts and snacks. 
SHRED & ENERGIZE® Thermogenic Weight Management formula is composed of highly effective ingredients like Glucomannan, Caffeine, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, L-Tyrosine, Raspberry Fruit Extract, Green Coffee Bean, African Mango, Capsicum, Bladderwrack Extract. The combination of these substances boosts your metabolism, energy level and, as a result, enhances fat burning. 
Wholegrain oat flour combines well with other flours such as Spelt Flour and also those containing less gluten. Oat flour does contain lower levels of gluten than wheat flour, so may suit people who can tolerate some gluten.
The fine consistency of this flour makes for easy mixing of dough and pastry as well as adding to protein shakes.
Our stylish shaker just got even better and hotter. We completely redesigned the popular twist closures of our shakers and made them smoother to use than ever. 


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