From Homeless To The Founder of VENUS ARMY

VENUS ARMY GLOBAL was founded in 2016 with the goal of providing dynamic and innovative fitness and nutrition movement for women around the world. However, we don’t want to tell you how great our brand is or why we want to help end global warming and make a difference in those areas that we are concerned about. Today we want to share a story, a story that can change the way you look at your live and the world we live in. And it is our story. Everything you read from here on began with a dream to make a difference in the world that we all share.This is the birth of I AM STRONG™ movement.

Look Deep Within.

I created VENUS ARMY to explore the possibility to communicate my message to the universe. I strongly believe that each one of us is here to play a specific role & inspire the world. Through “I AM STRONG” concept I want to capture the transformation of an ordinary persons journey; perseverance, dedication and victory, says Daminda Ralalage, founder of VENUS ARMY.

I AM STRONG - Portrait of dedication, perseverance and victory.

Dedication: VENUS ARMY represents people’s dreams, visions and aspirations. It’s about the hope that one person can really change their life and help others. Before VENUS ARMY was born Daminda Ralalage went through a life changing transformation; from a divorce, to becoming homeless to losing his first business idea and going completely bankrupt. He had tried to kill himself twice. At one time he had only £5 to eat for 3 weeks. Often he ate only one meal a day. Most people who face these similar situations would give up and take the exit route because it is too painful to experience this, why would anyone want to put themselves in a situation like this.

Perseverance: There were many times he was just walking around and looking for some inspiration. He slept in a small office unit for over one year because he could not afford to rent a room. But one thing was clear, Daminda wanted to build something that can serve the world. Everything that he experienced became his life and part of the Venus vision, a world without boundaries. A company that wants to serve the world and to build a better, active society.Daminda has over 16 years’ experience in the fitness world. He realised that if he could somehow connect his passion, with a global movement and build a company, his dream can become a reality. A company powered by its staff members, customers and fans.

Victory: Finally, after 4 years with the help of a few friends, he started 2 projects in the areas that he is passionate about. The beginning of 2015 Daminda started VENUS ARMY to share his passion with the world. Through these companies Daminda wants to express deep insight into our purpose in the world. We want to evoke qualities of human soulfulness by a vibration of our core values. Today VENUS ARMY is powered by passionate people around the world. We all are connected by a common vision. Because we strongly believe that people with passion and a clear vision can make this a better place for all.“If you want to live a better life & help others, you must have a dream that is so powerful that the pain can not stop you” – Daminda H-Ralalage (2015)

Be Your Own Hero.

Daminda is a big fan of the Nike “Just Do It” campaign and Apple’s “Think Different” campaign because it honours people who gave us what we have. They never talk about products, but they honour people who changed the world.

However, for Daminda the ultimate hero is oneself. VENUS ARMY “I AM STRONG” campaign is about inspiring and setting examples to the world through one's journey. It’s about a way of life and we encourage you to share that story with us. Help us to move the world forward, end hunger, reduce global warming, end obesity and save the planet.“My dream is to help end global warming and world hunger and build a sustainable environment. I strongly believe that education, innovation and entrepreneurship can help us to breakdown racial barriers and build a world without boundaries”. – Daminda Ralalage (2014)Today Venus Army is expanding its wings across the UK, USA and Europe. We are inviting passionate people to join us and we hope to build the most powerful movement in the fitness world. We want to re-invent the fitness industry with great stories of our time. 

He is the one who drives our vision of building a social enterprise to serve others. Today VENUS ARMY has fans and customers from around the world. Who are part of the journey and supporting our vision.

As a women-focused health and weight loss brand, we help women to discover their greatness inside and outside the gym, whilst also working to improve and empower the world by planting trees, empowering women, and helping to end work hunger.

This is Daminda’s story, so what is yours? If you have a great story we want to hear from you. Send your story to Don’t forget to attach some pictures!