Revolution In Fat Loss

Revolution In Fat Loss
We have reinvented the ordinary weight loss shake with latest food technology and cutting edge ingredients. And we call it VENUS-PRO
Why it’s better than normal protein shakes:
Lean body and fat loss is what you'll get with VENUS-PRO thermogenic super shake.  VENUS-PRO combine the highest quality protein with thermogenic (fat loss ingredients) herbs and minerals for maximum muscle definition and fat loss.  Thermogenic protein is designed to maximise energy use and maintain muscle mass.
  • A super protein shake (More protein per scoop- highly concentrated formula)
  • A thermogenic fat burner
  • A low calorie meal replacement/snack
Key Facts:
  1. Concentrated protein formula: Because Venus-Pro delivers up to 31g of protein per serving; customers can easily add extra protein to their diet without adding too many calories. 
  2. Thermogenic blend: 5 different fat burning and muscle toning ingredients in one. Acai berry, taurine, CLA, Green Tea and L-Carnitine are most popular fat loss supplements in the world. In general consumers spend up to £100 on these products when bought individually. With Venus-Pro, you can get all these in one great tasting shake. Total savings: up to £100 (over US $150)