Feeling tired all the time?

Feeling tired all the time?
In most cases, we know the cause why we are tired: too little sleep.  So you need to make sure you get at least 7-8 hours’ sleep. But even someone who is sleeping enough often struggles with fatigue.

6 ways to combat fatigue & get your energy back!

Drink enough water
More than 60% of our body weight is water. We need water for nourishment, waste elimination, and regulation of bodily functions, hydration is of paramount importance. 
If the body gets too little water during the day, that can trigger big exhaustions. Your brain and body function can decline. Also lack of concentration and headaches are signs of dehydration. If you are feeling thirsty your body already contains too less water. So drink over the day at least 2 liters of water (If you are working out, more)
Eat the right food
Who mainly eats sugar and finished products, should not be surprised if the body is constantly exhausted. Especially sugar leads to a veritable blood sugar roller coaster. This could lead to power loss and strong mood swings. Try to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet and check your vitamin B levels. Your body could be missing important nutrients and might need more zinc, potassium and magnesium as well.
You are doing not enough Sport
You might think, "How can I exercise when I'm so tired I can hardly get through the day?". But Studies show that movement stimulates the circulation and provides more energy, strength and endurance. Someone who constantly sits in the office and is lying on the couch in the evening, feels more tired than someone who works out regularly. Light exercise such as cycling or walking helps people who have chronic tiredness syndrome feel more energetic and less sleepy.
Those who are not only tired but also irritable and unfocused, possibly suffering from a vitamin deficiency.  An iron, vitamin B, vitamin C or magnesium deficiency can lead to fatigue, tiredness, weakness and irritability. You can counteract with dark green vegetables, whole grains, lean beef, kidney beans, Bananas, tofu and nuts. But a suspicion of vitamin deficiency should always be examined by a doctor.
We have never been so exposed to many stimuli as today. Stress is a major cause of constant tiredness. Stress is nowadays like a status symbol that means a steady state of limit for our body, which can lead to serious burnout.  If it is hard for you to sit still and be relaxed, find something different that relaxes your mind and body. 
Relaxation Techniques
Whether it is meditation, yoga, deep breathing exercises, muscle relaxation techniques or simply listening to relaxed music, find something you enjoy and integrate it into your everyday life.