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VENUS ARMY was founded in 2015 with the goal of providing dynamic and innovative fitness and nutrition movements for women around the world. ‘A complete toolbox for women.’

However, we don’t want to tell you how great our brand is or why we want to help end world hunger and make a difference in those areas that we are concerned about. Today we want to share a story, a story that can change the way you look at things. And it is our story. Everything you read from here on began with a dream to make a difference in the world that we all share.

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VENUS ARMY is about people who believe in the impossible. It's about people who think that they can change the world. VENUS ARMY ecosystem is built by passionate people from around the world. We all are connected by a common vision; that is to change the world for the better. We want to empower and inspire women’s lives, help to end world hunger & reduce global warming. Because we care!

“I believe sports supplement companies can do more than just selling supplements. Not only change the entire fitness industry, but we have the power to change the world, inspire the next generation, end hunger and give more to the society”. - Daminda Ralalage (2014). Founder of VENUS ARMY