Hello everyone, I am Sporty Suli & this is my story.

A little bit about myself
My job: Full time fitness blogger & trainer.

I grew up in south of Germany in the beautiful city of Munich. I had a very peaceful and nice childhood, with lots of family and friend around me. I was never a really active or slim child,
but at that time it never really bothered me. When I was growing older I tried so many different sports like basketball, athletics or football, but I was never really fun for me. Always placing last and always being the slowest was very demotivating me, so I never stick to one thing longer than a few weeks. The
only exercise I really liked was running and this passion stayed until today in my life. Nothing is better than an early morning long run to start the perfect day.
From smoking, drinking, overweight To fit, healthy & happy.
At the age of 16 I first got into alcohol and cigarettes. And after that I never really stopped. At the age of 19 I graduated from school and moved into a different city to study. This is the time when things go really bad for me. I was drinking almost every other day, smoking a pack of cigarettes per day and on weekends me and my friends were sometimes partying so hard until the sunlight or the ambulance ended the party. This period lasted almost 3 years.

My Life Changed Completely.
There was no specific day where I decided to change my life completely, it was more a slow progress and a lot of different events that let me stop and think, and in the end changed my life completely. The rest is history. I lost over 10 pounds, quit smoking completely, reduced my alcohol intake to a minimum and reshaped my life top to bottom completely.

This is The New Me.

If i can change, so can you!

What are your Tops 5 fitness and diet tips?
1. Stick to REAL food.
Processed food and especially ready meals contain much more sodium and sugar and will make you go hungry again within a couple of hours.

2. Cook in advanced.
Preparing food for the next one or two days is the most effective way to stay away from all kind of temptations during the day.

3. Don’t go to low with the calorie intake.
Eating 800 calories per day will only make you lose weight for a few days/weeks. After that your body goes into a starvation mode and holed on to all the fat. You will just feel week and your body has not enough energy to workout and build muscles

4. Combine Weight training with HIIT.
For me the perfect combination. Grow your muscles and get lean in the same time. Add 15 min plyometrics session at the end of every other trainings day and you will see a huge difference
within days.

5. Cut short on Cardio.
I would always choose an hour of intense weight lifting over an hour on the treadmill. I love
running, but only distress my mind, not to shape my body. The better way to go are Sprints, Sprints, Sprints. Incorporating sprints every other day in my training had made the biggest difference in my body ever. I am doing 10x30sec with 1 min rest in between.
What “I am Strong” means to you?
“I am Strong” represents a whole lifestyle of dedicated women around the world. It’s not only
a matter of being physical strong and active. Its more like a compound of inner strength and willpower and how I can use that power to change the world an people around me to the better.

What is your passion in life?
Of course its fitness and living an active lifestyle. But more than that my passion is to help other who are going through similar situations like me in the past. I want to show as much women as possible, that exercise is not a torture it’s a blessing and a very effective tool to reshape your body and mind from the inside out.

What drives and motivates you to succeed?
The believe that my actions can make a big difference.
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