From 18.5 stones to 13 stones.. I am Steve and this is my story.

A little bit about myself
My job: Director of Social Media Marketing & Collaborations.

I spent many of my younger years playing football and rugby amongst other sports for my school like cricket and netball. At 15 I was hit with a double groin tear injury and I lost my youth system status with Fulham football club. Whilst recovering from this I gained a lot of weight (you will see a reoccurring thing here!) I got better and returned to football and started kickboxing at 19 and returned to my leaner physique with good eating and training. Unfortunately I then suffered an awful knee injury at 23 to my right knee tearing 60% of the cartilage. This was the end of my sporting days. I had an operation and can now not run for more than 20 minutes at a time without severe swelling and pain.

I can see why people want to give up when they face situations like this.
Because it is harder to exercise, eat well and have the courage to do something. But let me tell you, even though it is hard, it’s worth it.
Everything matters.
In my experience, toxic relationship or social environment is one of the leading causes of stress, low self-steam that can lead to overeating in most people. After my operation (and some personal circumstances in a very bad 3 year relationship) I had gained 5 stone and was 18 1/2 stone!! 6 stone heavier then when I was kickboxing and it was all fat (a key point to mention as you can be healthy at 18stone if it is muscle, look at most rugby players!) but for me this was a terribly unhealthy place to be. I had a 40 inch waist and was massively depressed. My relationship had recently ended, I hated my job, and I had lost my beloved sports and was truly lost.
No excuses, It’s all you
I tried to get a grip and try the gym, I lost 1/2 a stone and then, I had a "PT" "advise" me to get protein supplement to help me to lose weight. It was surprising because all I knew was that protein is something bodybuilders use to get massive, not for weight loss. But the fact is I knew very little about how protein supplements & fat burners acts in the body. Soon I realised that when you combine high protein diet and regular exercise you can lose fat very fast. This is the most effective method to lose weight. Your body recover very well and you have more energy.
The Mind Is Everything:
The mind is a huge factor in weight loss and General body conditioning. Through the team over the coming year I found myself again and I also found buddhism which over the last 4 years has become a huge part of my life and my training (the gym is my meditation and reflection time). I dropped down to 12 1/2 stone but realised I didn't like my body shape when I was that slim and now I am around the 88kg mark (roughly 14 stone ish) and I am a 32-34 inch waist and I can run for 20 mins happily, I can play with my 8 neices and nephews for hours and not be shattered, I can lift heavy things and my girlfriend calls me "her big bear". Since I find DA NUTRITION (Partner Company of VENUS ARMY) & VENUS ARMY I have never been healthier or happier. So much so that 4 years ago I decided to join the team to create most amazing products and help others. A decision I have never looked back from and I have enjoyed every minute with the team since.

Today we work very hard to inspire others through our stories and provide a tool box to achieve results. We strongly believe that regular physical exercises and proper diet is the most effective way to enjoy healthy lifestyle. We develop products with passion and we do not promote anything that we personally don’t use.
My message to anyone who is trying to lose weight and get fit is never give up. Just trust in yourself, get help and have a strong support group. You can join our social media network and feel free to put any questions, we are here to help.