Protein Fruit Compote with Chia

Today we are sharing this easy to make delicious protein fruit compote with chia seeds. This is a brilliant dessert or post- workout treat for anyone.
  • VENUS-PRO Thermo Slim Shake – Vanilla Cheesecake flavour
  • 2 Tea spoons of Chia seeds (soak overnight with little water or coconut milk)
  • 150ml Fresh of mango fruit compote
  1. How to make fruit compote: take 200g of fresh mango. Blend it well with little water to until it becomes a pulp. Add some cinnamon powder for extra flavour. 
  2. VENUS-PRO: Add 100ml of water, half or one scoop of VENUS-PRO and 2 ice cubs to the blender. Blend it until you get a smooth protein mix.
  3. The Final Step: Take a dessert glass and add layer of Chia seeds, mango fruit compote and protein mix. Finish it with some more fruit compote.
  4. Keep it in the fridge for 10min before you serve.
Contains less than 200 calories. 31g of protein (2 scoops of VENUS) or 15g of protein (with one scoop of VENUS).
Enjoy your Venus-Pro healthy dessert.. Deeeelicious!! - Lets go outside the shake.