Real Life Transformation - Sporty Suli

Real Life Transformation - Sporty Suli

How I changed my life through fitness

About 2 years ago, exercise and sport was not a big part in my life. You could count my previous activities easily on one hand. In my free time I was mostly binge-watching TV shows in my bed until 4:00 o’clock in the morning and often in connection with chocolate or ice cream.

Almost every weekend I was partying with my friends. It was my hobby! I drank a lot of beer and cocktails and was smoking cigarettes without interruption (on normal nights it was one pack, sometimes more). Often I felt tired, unmotivated, and weak.

One and a half years ago, my attitude and my vision about life changed dramatically. I decided to change something, change myself, my body and my mind. I started running outdoor about 2 times a week, but at the beginning, I couldn’t even run 1 km.  And found my motivation by watching lots of Youtube fitness clips and using workout apps. This was a whole new world for me.

Quotes like "No Excuses." - "always be better than you were yesterday" or "do what is right, not what is easy" motivated me and helped me to stay on track with diet and training. In the beginning, I focused only on simple exercises such as sit-ups and squats. Truth to be told I didn’t have the guts or the fitness level to do "big" workouts at the beginning.

But after a few months, I tried a “big” workout and I completely pulled it through. It was hard, it was tough but I survived. Since then I trained nearly every day and really enjoyed the process of being happy with myself after every sweaty workout. Approximately half a year I trained 6 times a week, usually at home or outside, but always alone. But after some time I was no longer satisfied to “just” be fit and have a better physical condition. I wanted to build muscles, be strong like respected fitness models.

For this reason, I have signed up to a gym near where I lived and started training 6 times a week. In the beginning, I was afraid to enter a gym alone because I thought everybody was watching me and think I am fat or something like that. But joining a gym was definitely the best decision I have made. My body changed greatly within a short time. I adopted a new diet plan to support my training. Before that, I never used to count calories or macros. With the new diet and exercise plan, soon my body started to change. I was stronger, healthier, fitter, and most importantly I had lots of self-confidence. Thanks to diet and training I was able to shred more fat from my body and get leaner.


In January 2016 I decided to get a professional coach, to take my body to a new level.  I started “real” lifting with weights and learned new exercises that I was afraid of doing on my own. At that point I finally realized that fitness was no longer a hobby for me, it was a passion, a lifestyle and I want to share and inspire as many people as possible, and help them with their daily struggles.

Yes, I’ve heard about people saying that women should not lift weights or they get muscles like men’s. But let me tell you, these are very common and popular myths in our society. I’ve heard it so many times and to be honest I believed it for some time as well. I think it is time for us to challenge ourselves and become fitter and stronger.

Why I love working for Venus Army so much?

The slogan for VENUS ARMY is “IT’S A WAY OF LIFE”. This is so true, fitness or living a healthy life is not something only a few people can do. It is something we all can do and it is a lifestyle.  It fits with my personal experience about weight loss journey and life in general.  

We want to solve the biggest problems of our time; through things, we love the most. We both want to change the world, share our passion and help others. Obesity and related health issues are increasing at an alarming rate across the world. And people need tools, knowledge about nutrition and fitness to tackle these issues. We both agreed that if we work hard enough and spread this message around the world we will be able to change thousands of lives and make the world a better place.

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